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Students can continue to digitally apply for their library cards from the North Plainfield Library through these links:

Tips to Foster a Home Reading/Writing Culture

  • Let your child "catch" you reading:  Model reading behavior as an adult.  Sit with your child while they do their homework and read your own book, newspaper, magazine, etc.!
  • Provide incentives to read: For example, allow your child to stay up late 15 minutes, but only for reading time!
  • Utilize audio books: Listen to books while driving in the car, cooking dinner, taking a bath, etc.
  • Tap into interests for reluctant readers: books, magazines, comic books... it's all reading!
  • Make short reading material available: Have materials everywhere; car, travel bags, even the bathroom!
  • Have children read aloud:  Have your child read to a stuffed animal, family pet, baby siblings.  Reading without being corrected all the time builds confidence.
  • Writing as a gift: Ask your child for a poem or story for your birthday, Mother's/Father's Day, etc.
  • Boycott Hallmark: Have children make handmade cards for you and make them for your child too!
  • Thank you notes for all gifts: Gifts can not be used or spent until a thank you note has been written.
  • Letters to Santa, Tooth Fairy: Have children write letters with questions and thank yous.  Make sure they get letters back!
  • Pen Pals: Website is monitored for safety.
  • Writing Therapy: Have children write out feelings, worries, requests.  Have a family complaint or feedback box.